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Here you can learn
how to build ponds and every other kind of water feature - tub gardens, waterfalls, streams, wall fountains, Koi ponds, raised formal and informal water features, inground pools and pretty much every other kind of water garden. All the information offered on this site was derived from many years of building water gardens, not selling them.

There are many interesting articles, all writen by professionals for professional publications, which will help you understand about mosquitoes and water gardens, about pumps and filtration, about pond liners about pond maintenance, there are a variety of how-to articles and pictures of various water gardens and pictures of water plants. All of this is being continuously updated.

So let me ask you, does your backyard feature water? Do you think you might like it to but you're afraid of the maintenance? Try reading
this article I wrote for PONDS magazine on chosing a pond size. I think it might help alleviate your concerns and help you understand what you are in for when you decide to have a water garden.

In my Designing With Water Features you can learn how entire landscapes were designed with water features as integrated components of them and learn principles for creating integrated landscapes which feature water.

I am continually adding useful information and beautiful water garden pictures and pictures of water plants to this site as time permits, so come back from time to time. You are welcome to download the articles and use them to help you build the water feature of your choice but I ask you to respect my copyright and that of others which extends to all of the information on this site. Please do not use the articles or images for any commercial purposes or to display on any other website. I regularly check the web for 'borrowed' material with http://www.copyscape.com/. To learn more, click here.

Because I do not sell pond and water garden supplies I recommend only those I use in my own creations - and these are the best. I try to filter out unwanted Google ads so as not to have any irrelevant links so most ads will take you to valuable resources, and I've also included some excellent garden sources on my Links page, which I am constantly updating, as time permits. (You'll also find a link to my other two websites there as well. One is my portfolio and the other, landscape-design-garden-plans, is another educational site about landscape design and construction.)

I do also sell a few products, such as my garden design cd's.  If you want a cd all about water gardens of all kinds, that too is available. You can purchase my truly unique, one-of-a-kind (and really beautiful, I think) miniature gardens and my table top water features and even have these custom made to your specifications. Have you always wanted a Miniature Zen Garden you can make your own soothing or inspiring designs in? I build those too, by hand, from scratch, in Copper and Brass and they are awfully nifty, complete with rakes, stones and the finest sand - all hand made, not manufactured or mass produced in China, as are the majority. They come with a complete, satisfaction guaranteed guarantee. If you're not completely happy with them, send them back for a complete refund and I'll pay the shipping as well.

So look around and if something seems missing you'd like to see here, please, contact me and I will try to include it. I hope you enjoy your visit.

 Keith Davitt

To read my bio, click here.