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The bio-filter gets its name from
the biological activity that takes place within it.

A bio-filter contains a porous material through which water passes for the purpose of separating out matter in suspension and especially to provide biologic activity within the filter medium. Specific bacteria colonize within the medium and in the process of their life cycle, they convert harmful chemicals such as ammonia and nitrites, themselves, the consequence of interacting life cycles within the pond system, into the beneficial or harmless compounds, nitrates, which water plants utilize in their life cycles. Most pond experts consider a bio-filter a necessary component for pond health.


These beneficial bacaterial will colonize in other areas of your pond, on the sides, on pots, and stones if they are present.  Using a bio-filter increases their quantity and the rate of conversion considerably. As mentioned, most pond experts consider them essential. The question then becomes, which one? As there are many.

bio-filter and the nitrogen cycle

Taken from a much more complete article by Norm Merc. To read the complete article, and other wonderfully informative articles, click the link below, to the San Diego Koi Club.

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