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Designing With Water Features

In this section you can read many articles which demonstrate how to design landscapes using water features as primary elements in the garden

 designing with water features


  1. Wall Fountains
    In this section we show a variety of landscape design projects with wall fountains as key components with information on how to design with wall fountains and how to install wall fountains

  2. Informal Pond Garden
    Demonstrates how to design an informal pond garden with the pond well integrated into the garden. Discusses design principles with links to 'how to build a pond'.

  3. How to ornament the pond
    Wondering how to ornament the pond you just built? Here are some principles that can help guide you in your selections.

  4. Backyard Pond
    Have a small corner of your property that is plenty visible but never gets used? Ever thought of turning it into a backyard pond, with your own backyard waterfall?

  5. Front Yard Pond
    Here we look at a front yard design with a front yard pond that is hidden from the street but visible from the home.

  6. Backyard Fountain In An Urban Oasis
    This article shows how a backyard fountain forms the centerpiece of an urban oasis.

  7. Garden Stream
    A garden stream transforms an ordinary patio into a beautiful place to be, now graced with its own stream garden.

  8. Bog Garden
    Ever thought of having a bog garden? You can grow a wide variety of interesting plants that will only grow in a bog or bog garden

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