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How to build water features

Regularly updated with articles on how to build all manner of water features including liner ponds, wall fountains, tub gardens, bog gardens and so on. If you don't find what you need, let me know and I'll try to get it for you and check back from time to time as I am regularly updating.


  • Backyard Ponds
    Backyard ponds are easy to build and if you build your garden pond properly, will give you years of delight, with a backyard waterfall added.

  • Build A liner Pond
    This illustrated article tells you how to build a liner pond a pond using a flexible liner, including everything from placement to waterfalls.

  • Backyard ponds of concrete
    Need to know to build beautiful backyard ponds, or backyard fish ponds? In this article we address the backyard pond made from concrete and we show a number of pictures of backyard ponds.

  • Preformed Liner Pond
    The preformed liner pond. Does your backyard feature water in beautiful display? Looking for easy backyard ponds, perhaps with a backyard waterfall? This article tells you how to do it.

  • Backyard Waterfalls
    How to build backyard waterfalls that look right and work well. Pool waterfalls instructions and beautiful pictures of waterfalls.

  • Formal fountain Free-Standing
    Installation instructions for a free-standing formal fountain

  • Raised Formal Fountain
    garden fountains bring a world of delight to your garden. Here you can learn how to build the raised formal fountain.

  • Formal Fountains - inground
    How to build formal fountains, inground. Everything you need to know, with pictures of fountains, to build a formal water feature that is ground level, using a linerl.

  • Tub gardens
    how to build tub gardens - complete instructions with illustrations and images and info on water garden ponds supply sources

  • Wall fountain installation
    How to install wall fountains