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There are other good reasons for going either large or small. Fritz, on Long Island is a horticulturist. He loves plants and cultivating plants and a water garden offers the opportunity to grow a great variety of beautiful species which will only grow in, on or beside water. He transformed his large backyard into half lawn and patio area and half water gardens and the result is suburban eco-environment rich in a plethora of wildlife. It has naturalized to a great extent so is low maintenance.


 pond size, large pond size large

This suburban back yard growing unusual species of  

plants and makes a habitat for many visiting creatures

Similarly if you want to raise Koi, which is relatively easy to do. There are so many beautiful varieties and an infinite array of possibilities through breeding that for many people, raising Koi is a passionate hobby. They enter their favorites into local competitions and in not a few cases, build a business around the breeding and selling of Koi. But to do this you need a large pond. Koi grow to considerable size and produce a lot of waste so a powerful filtration system is also a must.


As mentioned, design is an important consideration and the question of what you want your water feature to do for you is key. Do you want drama? Do you want to be able to enjoy your water feature from your house, even in winter? Do you want a quiet area with its own little water feature? How about a destination place that welcomes you with the sound of water and the sights of fish and water lilies once you arrive?  All good reasons for choosing either large or small.


In this Arts & Crafts garden design, for example, I wanted to draw the owners out into the garden so I built a small pool in the far corner of their urban property and we placed two benches nearby. This area is now a destination place, which is a fine element to have in any landscape. It is small enough to convey a sense of intimacy and large enough to provide plenty of enjoyment.

 pond size small and inviting

  A pond as a destination can be small, intimate and inviting.

As a landscape designer, I’ll add my advice here. After the practical considerations of cost and maintenance, think of the overall environment – the entire look and experience of the landscape the pond is to be a part of and make sure the pond is well integrated within it. No matter how big or small your space, there will always be the choice of going bigger or smaller with your pond, and your landscape will give you greater pleasure and satisfaction if the pond is designed as an integral component of the landscape.


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