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Water Gardens Don't Breed Mosquitoes



When I give presentations on water features, many people ask, “What about Mosquitoes?”


Given what they can carry, the concern is real and legitimate. The truth, however, is that there need be no fear of breeding Mosquitoes whatever, for any kind of water feature. Here’s why.


There are both biological and mechanical means for ensuring that not one mosquito breeds in your water feature. If the water is moving, as in a stream, a wall fountain, a tub garden with a fountain or a small pond with a waterfall, the Mosquitoes will not lay their eggs there. It’s a high risk situation for the larvae and newly hatched so they just don’t do it.


If you have a pond with still water, simply put in a fish or two. These don’t need to be mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) either. Ordinary pond fish or Koi will eat the larvae and I’ll tell you how I first discovered this. I built a pond for a man, filled it with water and let it sit over the weekend to ensure there were no leaks. On Monday there were thousands of mosquito larvae squiggling about, going from the bottom to the top and down again. I bought three small pond fish and put them in. The next day there was not one larvae left.


The presence of fish ensure no mosquitoes. But there are other means too. There is a naturally occurring bacillus called Bti you can add to your pond. The mosquito larvae eat them and die, yet it is not harmful to pets, fish, wildlife or humans. You can buy it as Mosquito Dunk or Mosquito Bits.


If you like the idea of encouraging various forms of wildlife, there are several natural predators to mosquitoes and their young. Toads can consume quite a quantity of mosquitoes and can be encouraged to make a home of your pond garden. Dragonfly nymphs can be purchased and will wantonly devour mosquito larvae. Because Dragonflies have a very long (up to two years) nymph stage, a few added to your pond now and again not only will prevent mosquitoes from hatching, they will reduce the mosquito population.


If you don’t like the idea of more creatures in your garden, get a propane powered mosquito trap. These have a tremendous range and will also reduce the overall mosquito population of your area as the mosquitoes are attracted by the scent, drawn into a trap from which they never emerge.


One or more of these methods will ensure that you can have your water feature without ANY risk of breeding mosquitoes.


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