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Wall Fountain and Basin For A Narrow Property

 Italian wall fountain with basin

This was a very narrow property and though it was sort of 'ok' it was not very inviting, as you can see in the image below. The owners wanted something much more attractive.

 wall fountain with basin project before

The narrowness of the property made additional planting beds unfeasible as there would have been no space left over for outdoor living. He likes to cook, she to garden and the two little girls like to play.

The design approach then, was to ornament the space without encroaching on the living areas. And as you can see in the images below, this was achieved by tile murals, wrought iron and a decorative wall fountain with basin as center piece of the far wall.

The murals, along the walls, which are of an Italian countryside rendered somewhat abstract, give a sense of depth while providing their unique beauty. The wrought iron is both ornamental, with sweeping curves and rhythms while serving practical functions as well. On the right they support vines, which add more privacy as well as allowing the wisteria and clematis to clamber about, and they support lanterns. On the left, they support flower pots while providing graceful lines for vine growth.

 italian wall fountain with basin

 Tiled garden with Italian wall fountain

The ornamental wall fountain with basin is Italian in design. It was a custom job, which was simply a matter of having the maker of ornamental wall fountains cut down on some of the ornate scrolling.

The purpose for this was to avoid an overstatement. Too fancy a wall fountain there would have dominated, whereas what was wanted was a detail, a modest element of ornament on that area of the garden to help balance with the rest of the garden, in which quite a lot was going on. The wall fountain and basin  could have been a little fancier but not very much more so than it is.

 Italian wall fountain and basin project

 Tile murals, wrought iron and an Italian wall fountain