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Recommended Water Garden Books

Here are a few water (and other garden) books I recommend. (Some are my own).  
I will be adding to these as time permits.

 water plants

The encyclopedia of

will remain for years to come The authoritive source for all water gardeners. It is thorough, complete and contains over 700 color photographs along with clear text and solid know-how for every type of water plant and probably every water plant available anywhere - a genuine achievment of the highest merit.

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water features for small gardens

Water Features For Small Gardens

 "Celebrated designer Keith Davitt brings the delights of the water garden within reach of everyone in Water Features for Small Gardens. With a clear eye to design, construction, materials, and maintenance, Davitt offers alternatives for every style of garden and every budget. Detailed case studies depict actual gardens progressing from the planning stage to planting, and the author shows step by step how such features are created using only modest building skills. Types of water gardens discussed include: natural, formal, and informal pools; raised and in-ground formal fountains; wall fountains; streams and waterfalls; and bog and tub gardens. Heavily illustrated and packed with practical information, Water Features for Small Gardens is a must for any gardener seeking to bring his or her garden to the next level."

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 water feature plants

Plants For Water Gardens

Not as encyclopedic as Speicharts' book, this is yet a truly excellent resource for all water gardeners, listing most of the most popular genra and species of water plants available, along with excellent cultivation know-how. Another of Timber's truly excellent plant books.

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"The flowers are blossoming, the foliage looks fantastic, and the plant combinations are gorgeous. So why doesn’t your garden satisfy? The problem just might be a lack of hardscaping—structures like arbors, paving, walls, fountains, pools, and decks that delineate, ornament, animate, and add dimensionality to a garden. Using both his own and others’ layouts,  top garden designer, Keith Davitt reveals why these structures are so important and how to incorporate them into the landscape. Each chapter examines a specific principle (creating balance, instilling motion, establishing focal points), and features illuminating discussions of style, function, application, and plantings, as well as magnificent projects. Bring fresh life to a garden with a curvaceous patio with a rill, a sculpture plinth on a terraced platform, or a Victorian “room.”
A Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.

From Booklist
Gardens consisting solely of flowering and foliage plants may be lovely, but they may also lack a sense of unification or completion. One way of introducing structure, interest, balance, and focus to a botanically dense landscape is through the application of hardscape elements. Whether it's a simple concrete birdbath emerging from a groundcover bed or an elaborate masonry walkway meandering through a perennial border, such structural ornamentation can be incorporated into gardens of any style and size. Giving straightforward advice and instruction, Davitt guides gardeners through the function and purpose of paths, walls, fountains, arbors, and other garden structures; helpfully suggests companion plantings; and provides dramatic before-and-after color photographs to illustrate the power of hardscape to transform and improve garden settings. Carol Haggas
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"This is a handsome guide that belongs in all landscaping collections. Highly recommended." —Library Journal

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 This book has gone through three printings and is sold in fifteen countries. It is considered by homeowners to be one of the best books available on small garden design. I know this from the many, many emails I recieve, from as far flung places such as Singapore and San Diego, Italy and South Africa, Hawaii and Malasia.

The book gives clear explanations of design principles demonstrated in the gardens shown, with before, in-progress and after pictures. I consider this book my greatest achievement simply because I designed and built all the gardens and did all the photography for the book. It isn't better than by other books but is the only one for which I supplied all the material, including the landscape construction.

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   Looking for lawn alternatives? This may be the book you seek. Shown are a great variety of treatments which replace the ubiquitous lawn. Included are many gardens from many designers across America and Europe. As with all my books, I attempt to clearly explain what works and why, how a particular treatment could be modified and in what types of situations a given type of landscape approach would be suitable. To purchase this book, click here.